I just love

how people actually think I give a damn what they have to say. Some anon on the internet holds no power over my life. If you have nothing better to do than insult and attack people on the internet, you need to get outside. Don’t even bother saying I need to because that is blatantly obvious :P I’m not pretending like I don’t need to get my ass outside.

Also when I delete posts, it’s literally because I’m sick of seeing activity from them.






Alright. All this damned complaining about “ERMAGERD MAKE A BLERK WIDER MERVIE!!!!!!111!” i’ve finally had it with. Seriously, do you guys realize how terrible of a person Black Widow is? Do you have any clue? Probably not…

if we take OP’s criticism at face value for a second, “don’t make a movie about this character b/c she’s a terrible person” is about the worst argument ever. TV and hollywood make shows and movies about awful people all the damn time. (e.g. breaking bad, true detective, fargo (both of ‘em), the thick of it/in the loop, house of cards, fawlty towers, &c.) a black widow movie where the title character is depicted as an amoral antihero would fit comfortably into a tradition that stretches all the way back to richard iii, and possibly even further. it’d be awesome.

(actually come to think of it, the prospect of a delightfully villanous black widow makes me want the movie to happen more. there are like ten million male antiheros. i can name like two female antiheros off the top of my head, and they’re technically the same character from different mutations of the same story. we could use a few more.)

I’m totally cool with that. I just don’t want them to wash out her character. My apologies for not appropriately conveying that. As this was a slightly emotion fueled rant. I’m also cool with making the movie, one big problem that this rant stemmed from is those Black Widow fanatics who praise Black Widow, and then condem Vriska Serket in the same breath for doing basically the exact same things. Which to me says they’re not ok with female vilians.
No this is not everyone, but there are a lot of them out there, and they are the same people not responding to this rant with logic and instead responding with emotion, usually. I love the prospect of her starting as a villian. but the “oh she’s such a good role model” no no she is not, she’s a better one than some characters yes, but there are better ones out there. I’m cool with whatever as long as the fact she’s not a perfect person is acknowledged. It doesn’t seem to be being acknowledged in the tags, which as far as I’m concerned is ruining a damn cool character. She deserves better treatment than this. I’d love a movie, but the way it has been seeming to me that everyone wants one, it would take away crucial pieces of who she is as a person, and I’m not ok with that.
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Another rant by me

Alright. All this damned complaining about “ERMAGERD MAKE A BLERK WIDER MERVIE!!!!!!111!” i’ve finally had it with. Seriously, do you guys realize how terrible of a person Black Widow is? Do you have any clue? Probably not since many of you have only seen the movies where she’s the “good guy”.
A list of things Black Widow has done:

  • Got Hawkeye thrown in a Maximum Security prison for shits and giggles basically
  • Worked in SHIELD basically as an undercover spy for HYDRA
  • Pretended to want to be in a relationship with Tony Stark to steal his technology
  • Tried to trick Hawkeye into completing her assassination target when injured and he almost did if Spider Man hadn’t stopped him.

This is what i can remember as of right now, the point is Black Widow is not nearly as honorable of a person as the movies make her out to be. She is a manipulator who will stop at nothing, including manipulating and harming her teammates to get what she wants. Her only loyalties lay in herself.

I’m not saying not to make a female headed movie but why not try for Scarlet Witch? or Storm? Those both have far more honorable lives without loosing any of the inner strength they represent and have.


I have since been informed that either some of these things don’t count or That they’re the reasons some people want the movies. Hell if you want the movie because she is not an honorable person I’m cool with that. Before this entire thing to me, it seemed like people were finding her honorable and that’s why they wanted one. I have seen that I misread that, which does on occasion happen. Imagine, people make mistakes.

My information was from talking to a friend of mine who was not brave enough to post something like this, for the very reason of what happened. Not the Counter arguments but the complete bullshit coming from idiots just looking to harm others. Luckily I’m used to it and don’t give a damn to be honest. 

As for those of you feeling personally attacked, *shrugs* if you guys wanna get worked up over an emotion fueled rant have at it yo. And no, that’s not all of you, some of you had very logical counterarguments, for which I am grateful (I’m glad to see that the reasoning is because she was a terrible person who redeemed herself and not inspite of it) and yes, I was admittedly misinformed. For those of you saying “go fuck yourself” really, what are you? a bratty 12 year old? It’s pathetic really. I’m not going to fight with someone not even mature enough to attempt a counter argument.